Prostate Cancer UK Rallycross Team 

Men, we are with you

Prostate Cancer UK Rallycross Team 

Men, we are with you


Prostate Cancer UK Rallycross Team 

Ian Luffman-Smith is a profoundly deaf rallycross driver who is also battling advanced stage Prostate Cancer. He is building and running his Fiesta ST150 in support of the charity Prostate Cancer UK to help raise awareness about this terrible disease and to help raise funds for future research. 

The car will be entered in 2022 in the BTRDA Clubmans Rallycross Championship, and once he has completed 6 events to qualify for his National Licence he will enter the 5Nations National British Rallycross Championship. 

Once he gets to the point when he can't physically race any longer, hopefully a few years from now, then the car will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to the charity.

The car is being built and run on a very low budget, so sponsorship is essential for this project. Our main sponsor and mentor is 6 times National rallycross champion Julian Godfrey, whose company are building and tuning the Duratec 2.0 litre race engine. Check out their website

If you would like to help our cause then get in touch using the contact page.

Also follow our Instagram account @prostate_cancer_uk_rallycross

Win Helen Stanley Pop-Car-Art

We are very honoured to have the support of the lovely Helen Stanley (Goblins Mod Shop/Motor Pickers). Helen is a fantastic artist producing what she calls Pop-Car-Art. She has kindly donated a one off original canvas (760mm x 610mm), to which she is putting the finishing touches to above, and some of her limited edition signed prints which we are raffling to both help raise funds for the rallycross build, and for Prostate Cancer UK. We are donating 25% of all funds raised to the charity.

If anyone wants some raffle tickets then drop me an email, tickets are available priced at £20 for a book of 20 tickets which can be gifted/sold on to friends/family. 

Helen Stanley

“Cars bring us together and as a community of like-minded petrol heads it’s important to support each other. With that in mind, I am donating some limited run prints and a one-off Pop-Car-Art canvas for a raffle organised by Ian Luffman-Smith. I hope these pieces will help raise funds for Ian’s incredibly inspiring build, as well as supporting such a worthy cause."

I"’m so happy to be part of this x”



As well as raising funds for the rallycross team, we also raise funds on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK. To find out more about their work visit

Charity No' England & Wales 1005341

Scotland SC039332

Ian Luffman-Smith 2021